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How to make gabion baskets

How to make gabion baskets

Diamond Wire Netting & Finished Products Company is a professional manufacturer of gabion basket in the hometown of wire mesh--Anping County. We had  been enjoyed high reputation in a lot of countries for over 25 years. Our products are mainly export to America, Germany, Japan, Canada, Korea, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Philippine, Iran, South Africa

and Kenya.


Many customers now buy gabions, but they often don’t know the gabion How to make, please follow Vivian to see the steps below.


First,you need to buy some wires,usually we call it sprial wire.Lay out a length of the wire at the gabion site. If building on a bank, make sure the wire extends all the way up the edges of the bank.Trim the wire as needed with wire cutters. The size and shape of this wire will determine the size and shape of your gabion. Make the layout of wire about twice the size of the gabion you intend to build, as you will eventually fold the wire over itself,and then line the entirety of the wire with a layer of chicken wire.


Second, load a wheelbarrow full of large, medium-size and small rocks. Collect enough rocks to spread over the length of your gabion.Fill the top part of the gabion -- the part nearest the area you wish to protect from erosion -- with rocks by shoveling them from the barrow. Create an even layer of rocks about 6 inches to 1 foot high and 2-to-3 feet wide across the length of the gabion.Spread a layer of sand or soil over the rocks, allowing it to fill the crevices between them.

Pat down the soil with a shovel.

Last but not least,enclose the rocks by folding the remaining length of wire over them.Fasten the wire that is covering the rocks to the wire under the rocks by tying the layers together with lengths of thick wire cut from wire coat hangers.


Then you will see a Gabion basket filled with rocks.As times fly,you will see the grass grow.

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