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How to construct your own Gabion fence or retaining wall


How to construct your own Gabion fence or retaining wall


Gabion is a wire basket or wire form, filled with stones and shaped into a fence or retaining wall type structure.Gabion fences are heavy structures.

Its name comes from its civil history and it is still commonly used in civil works today for soil retention, drainage and erosion control.


1 Firstly you will need to undertake:

Gabion fencing is easy to climb so it cannot be used around pool areas or to contain children.

Stone choice:Larger stones need to be individually placed to get that classic look.Smaller stones can be poured, using a bucket, into the baskets, with very little stone arrangement required.

Your fence height will be dictated by your requirements and council restrictions.In many cases council will not allow any street fences to be higher than 900mm off ground level.let 's assume your site is flat and the fence is 600mm in height.

Ground preparation

you will need to clear the fence area of vegetation, including grass, stones and tree roots.If your fence is low you will only need to make the ground level before the baskets are aligned and filled.Levelling is easy and can be done using a level and a long piece of timber.

3 Reinforced concrete strip footings 

The concrete footings provide the Gabion fence with a solid base to absorb vertical and lateral loads.The footing cut should be about 400mm wide x 400mm deep - check the current Australian Standard for strip footing construction.

Lateral support 

If you are using a sheet form fence and the fence height exceeds the fence width, lateral support will no doubt be required.The lateral support prevents the fence from ballooning outwards and also provides bracing to the fence.

5 Filling the fence 

Any stone can be used to fill the baskets but keep in mind that the larger the stone, the more time consuming it will be to fill the baskets if you want an ordered and classic look.

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