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Rockfall Netting Sales Manager

Rockfall netting is a major component of protection system, which is used to prevent rocks and debris from falling onto roads, railways, etc. It is easy and flexible to install with lower cost. The wire used in the manufacture of Rockfall Netting is heavily zinc coated. Where necessary, a 0.5 mm nominal thick PVC coating is applied to provide added protection for use in polluted environments where soil or water is acidic, in salt or fresh water or wherever the risk of corrosion is present.

Rockfall netting is for the energy from 250kj to 3000kj, and has been able to 5000kj up to a higher level of special protection.

As to the function of rockfall netting, the category is listed as below.

Active protection
An active system is known as the covering protection type which acts to prevent excessive movement of a rock detachment once it has occurred. It overcomes the inconvenience of traditional ways to reinforce slopes, improves the effect of the vegetation, and becomes a developing method with ecological and social benefits.

Passive protection
A passive system is known as the holding protection type which focuses on containing and intercepting falling and sliding debris, thereby averting danger to infrastructure and its users.

In a word, the rockfall netting is widely used in the railway, highway, the mine, the water and electricity project, the tourist site, the river course and in the municipal engineering. It is one kind of new technical product completely changed the traditional ideas of slope protection. This product has incomparable advantages compared with other similar products. When works as products withstanding huge impulse, it can avoid the damage may caused by the partial centralism stress, with the lengthened response time;
Rockfall Netting
Active System
Rockfall Netting
Active System
Rockfall Netting
Passive System
Rockfall Netting
Active System with the mesh anchored on the rock facing.
Rockfall Netting
Passive System with simple drapery system.
Rockfall Netting
Passive System

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