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Flex Mesh
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Flex Mesh is typically used for beach front vehicular deployment, emergency roadways, for access across poor areas of sub-grade support and for temporary or permanent roadway stabilisation. Flex Mesh is manufactured from hexagonal woven wire mesh type 80 commonly referred to as double twist wire mesh and lined with a pre-attached geotextile on one side of the mesh. The geotextile which is used mainly for separation, is manufactured from continuous polyester filaments, that have been double needle-punched and glazed on the one side. The steel wire used in the manufacture of Flex Mesh is heavily zinc coated. Flex Mesh is reinforced with a transverse rod, woven into the mesh at 160 mm intervals. FlexMeshT is manufactured and supplied in standard lengths and widths.
Flex Mesh
Flex Mesh
Flex Mesh
Flex Mesh
Flex Mesh
Flex Mesh
Flex Mesh
Flex Mesh

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