two gabion basket pillars at the corner of McCulloch Boulevard

The face of Main Street is changing — slowly — with work Wednesday on two gabion basket pillars at the corner of McCulloch Boulevard and South Smoketree Avenue.

Wednesday’s work by Lake Havasu City Main Street Association members with Mansell Welding Inc. workers, who were assisting, was the second phase of a three-phase project to set up an archway leading into downtown.
“This will be the second largest physical art piece (when it’s completed) in town next to the London Bridge,” said Eden Rudin Main Street Association member and co-owner of Scoops. “We’re real excited about it.”
Main Street members want the arch to offer a more welcoming and distinct presence to the area that is considered the downtown — McCulloch Boulevard between South Smoketree Avenue and Acoma Boulevard.
Wednesday, the gabion basket on the northern side of McCulloch and Smoketree was halfway filled before Mansell Welding Inc. workers were called away to another job, said Wayne Malone, Main Street member and owner of Neat Pool and Supply Co. He anticipated the work on the second phase with the rocks dumped into the basket pillars and the metal baskets welded shut would be completed today.
The project is a long-time coming with the city granting its approval about two years ago and planning for the arch coming during the last four years, Rudin said.
The first phase involved setting up the rock base for the pillars on either side of McCulloch, Rudin said.
Rocks for the gabion basket pillars represented 18 yards and 27 tons, Malone said.
The second phase costs nearly $25,000 and is being paid for with membership dues and a Main Street Association New Year’s Eve fundraiser, Rudin said.
Main Street members weren’t sure when the final phase of putting the arch in place would begin or how much it would cost.
When the arch is put in place it will include LED lighting with a mountain scene in a sun, Malone said.
“It’ll be something to be proud of,” Malone said.
Another milestone with Arizona State University opening its new campus on Swanson Avenue will be represented next month in downtown banners.
Eighteen of the light poles on McCulloch will carry the banners for Arizona State University, Rudin said.
The two gabion basket pillars also have brackets on either side to hold banners, Malone said.




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